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B2B companies, especially in emerging markets, operate in socio-economically and ecologically vulnerable areas. But of course, these are not small markets. China B2B deals alone is forecast to be trippling to $350 billion by 2024.

Because internet access is often limited in emerging markets, ensuring that information is easy to find, digest and most importantly, share via word of mouth is essential to spreading brand messages and increasing conversions.

Companies change their orientation from being market, customer or even shareholder driven and transcend to being stakeholder driven.

Let AMG help you thrive in emerging markets through our platforms and networks.

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AMG prequalifies B2B suppliers so that you can free your procurement teams from time-consuming, often repetitive, transactional work that fails to take full advantage of their more advanced capabilities.

Use this as part of your broader procurement system that includes such elements as shared services or digitized sourcing, AMG B2B digital marketplaces free up procurement teams to place more focus on value-adding activities, such as strategic purchase categories, innovation, and sustainability.

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