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Breathing Life to Industry
AMG celebrates 11 years.

In 2020, Arc Media Global celebrates its 11th year, with over 100 conferences and trade shows in 29 cities, providing thousands of professionals access to markets, insights and capital.


Connect Capital

Clean Energy

AMG B2B Marketplaces--from proposals to profitable projects.

High-value, actionable
ideas, skills and relationships.

By the Industry

For the Industry

AMG Industry Conferences are professionally produced platforms, run by the industry, for the industry.

Conferences, community, capital
to commercialize your research.

For over a decade, Arc Media Global built its advantage in research, design/test, and value creation/evolution of B2B conferences and marketplaces in Industry 4.0, Energy Transition, and World Cities.


Power your projects.

With access to capital and markets, AMG Capital Connect keeps you growing.


Preparing Leaders for Industry 4.0 in 29 Cities

2020 jump-starts with new ways of working and creating value. AMG now brings you live/online conference marketplaces, trainings, and trade shows in 29 cities, helping global leaders gear up their businesses for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the App Economy, commercialize Energy Transition infrastructure, and build resilient, adaptive, relevant World Cities. Work with us at [email protected].
Industry 4.0
With new software, apps and IoT, the Industry 4.0 Conference Series enables jobs to continue, keeps people working together and improves lives post Covid-19.
Energy Transition
World Cities

Join our Global Team!

Our people inspire us everyday. 

AMG leads through the culture of openness, high-value creation, humanity, orderliness and sustainability. 

Join our international team of leaders, who are always curious about our clients' needs, whose eyes are open to solutions and possibilities, and who are motivated by excellent work and craft. Email your resume at [email protected]!

Investing in AMG

AMG offers investors exposure to growing, global B2B Media, Live/Digital Marketplaces and Information Economy dedicated to emerging manufacturing tech, future energy infrastructure, and global cities development. Our business strategy is based around the creation and development of media brands around these sectors. These brands are leveraged into conferences, trade shows, training and publishing products both live and digitally. Rolled out in 29 key cities. Our ambition is to be the most preferred business media company serving these specialist communities.

We focus strategic conversations with our loyal buying clients aligned with market-derived corrections—giving our team the confidence to make bold strategic decisions, including identifying new product categories and event titles, emergent buying job titles and geographical markets. This approach extends the value of a product. 

Recognizing the interconnectedness of our world – the economy, society and the environment – lies at the heart of our leadership discipline. The principle of Resource Stewardship anchors us to lead, thrive, and add value even during an uncertain, tumultuous global business landscape.

We underscore the importance of seeing the bigger picture and understanding the world as a complex system, rather than one that is linear and predictable. This understanding of unpredictability, a paradox of sorts, helps us create valuable events and information products and services for our B2B niche and verticals whilst generating predictable revenue even during turbulent times.

How We Create Value


Every day, our team speaks with hundreds of global and local industry leaders, investigating friction in the business, exploring solutions, revising insights, and determining bottom line objectives. This forms the core of how AMG creates value. 


AMG continues to find the resources to make our clients dream a reality. We tap into our capital networks, explore partnerships, and ascertain institutional willingness to ensure that an infrastructure project or energy transformation project is fuelled to completion.


Our market solutions are chosen and tested through meaningful conversations with business and institutional leaders. Testing is a continuous process of feedback and evolution of market platforms, customized to the niche markets we serve.


AMG delivers by rolling out the business-to-business market platforms, taking its unique shape as formed by the industry for the industry in 29 cities and counting across the globe. Orders can also be placed on our online B2B system: AMG Online B2B Marketplace.

The World is Your Stage. Be at AMG Marketplaces Globally.


AMG B2B Trading Platforms

AMG Trading is a brokerage B2B platform to market and distribute your products. You may upload your products onto our platform now accessed by close to 100,000 B2B buyers and sellers for the following industries:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Renewable Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Facilities Management
  • Shipping
  • Construction
  • IR 4.0 Tech

Connect with niche B2B communities

Industry 4.0
Energy Transition
World Cities

Buyer Market Penetration for our Niche

Asia Pacific
North and South America
Middle East and Africa


You have an exciting technology within the categories of Industry 4.0, Energy Transition, and World Cities. AMG Capital Connect are sessions within all AMG live and digital platforms to help you connect with the right capital to help you commercialize your research. Join any of our hundreds of conferences happening around the world. Email us at [email protected].

Our Mission

Arc Media Global is a global business-to-business information & media company, providing niche conference marketplaces for global industries. Our mission is to help businesses build their competitive edge through industry intelligence, strategic skills, capital and key relationships.

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