• Losing $50 million per intervention?

    Reap 500% ROI now. Operators show breakthroughs in installation and intervention at the conference.
  • Frustrated by $790,000-per-meter design cost?

    Break the subsea production cost curve. Find out how you can simplify the system design to reduce weight and cost.
  • Pulling your hair from changing reservoir conditions?

    Stop expensive guesswork under the sea. Regain confidence by attending technical workshops to reduce complexity and risk.
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Strong execution is key to your subsea success.

We hear you: making subsea systems work in deepwater developments isn't easy.

Any subsequent requirements to repair or intervene with installed subsea equipment can be expensive to the tune of $50 million or more, and unscheduled expenses of this magnitude can result in the economic failure of subsea projects.

Does your subsea team have the training and experience to rise to the challenge?

Avoid expensive guesswork from extending asset life and developing stranded fields cost-effectively by attending Subsea Multiphase Boosting 2018 Brazil Conference.

Conference Agenda - SMB 2018

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  • DAY 1 | 12 APRIL 2018 | THURSDAY
  • DAY 2 | 13 APRIL 2018 | FRIDAY
09:15 Opening Keynote Presentation
Discover what's new with Petrobras as it sets a new technological record drilling.
09:30 Subsea Market Insight
Much of the oil and gas industry has survived an especially tough few years. It's possible that we might see a spike in oil prices sometime in the next five to 10 years. Differentiated capabilities will become a key factor for future success.
10:30 Underwater Technology – Operator Voices
11:00 Underwater Technology – Operator Voices
11:30 Underwater Technology – Operator Voices
09:15 Day 2 Keynote Presentation
As Brazil looks to reform its oil and gas sector, this presentation highlights PPSA ́s roles and activities in the Brazilian pre-salt.
09:30 Subsea Boosting for the Pre-salt
What does the future of Subsea Seabed Pumping look like? How does one decide what technology to use for an application? What is the most critical operating condition for a subsea multiphase pump seal? What are the issues in qualification of boosting and pumping systems?

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