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Promote exciting engineering and financial tools to a high-level and exclusive audience of our select group of transmission infrastructure decision-makers who are not only able to invest but eager to hear about what you have to offer!

Sponsoring the 3rd annual HVDC Energy Highways conference will allow you to bring out your message, build relationships, gain brand visibility, and get shortlisted for major engineering projects and financial transactions among Transmission System Operators (TSOs), energy market regulators, and energy ministries in charge of the world’s largest electricity markets.

Event Name: 3rd annual HVDC Energy Highways conference

Date: July 29-30, 2020

Venue: Shanghai, China

Website: www.amgfirst.com/hvdc2020

HVDC Energy Highways is the premier transmission infrastructure developers and operators’ forum that brings together TSOs, energy market regulators, financial institutions, and HVDC technology innovators so you can build lasting relationships across the entire ecosystem and generate immediate impact for your marketing budget.

Typical sponsorships include: exhibition stands, limited speaking opportunities, luncheons, breakfast panels, and an official gala dinner the night before the meeting opens. 

Make this your event and bring out your message!

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HVDC facilitates the movement of electric power from resource rich areas to faraway demand centers, of which China’s coastal cities are among the world’s largest.

This is an existential boon for intermittent power generation resources, such as wind and solar, since HVDC can average out and smooth the outputs of large numbers of geographically dispersed wind farms and solar farms.

Studies have shown that an HVDC-based wide area super grid covering the fringes of Europe can bring 100% renewable power to the continent at close to today’s prices.

But in the age of Trade Wars, it has become more and more critical to tap both public and private financing to cover the costs of building and operating HVDC energy highways, including China’s $250 billion upgrade plan to link regional grids via 20 HVDC power corridors by 2020.

The power sector now attracts more investment than oil and gas combined, and this opportunity to define the future of energy will certainly make the difference between which power companies and electrical equipment providers grow into new markets and which ones are gobbled up in mergers and acquisitions.

Having the world’s largest electricity market nearly double the size of the United States’ at 6.3 million GWh per year, the economy driving much of the growth in the power sector will be China’s. 

Motor systems used in Chinese industry alone will account for almost a fifth of the increase in global electricity demand to 2040, and home air conditioners in developing economies like China are increasing to 2.5 billion units, up from 600 million today.

When you attend the 3rd Annual HVDC Energy Highways Conference, you not only gain new connections for partnership with the transmission system operators from around the world who are investing in HVDC technology, but also with public and private sources of financing looking to support infrastructure development in the world’s fastest growing economies.

Register today! Group discounts are available for teams of 3 and 5. Call +65 6602 8264 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your delegates’ details. 


31 Oct 2018 (Shanghai). Because China is not only conducting the biggest HVDC roll-out in the world, but also setting up a manufacturing base that could challenge the biggest global players in the market, HVDC Belt and Road 2019 China Conference, will run on May 22-23, 2019 in Shanghai, China. This conference is the third annual conference organized by the Center for Energy Sustainability and Economics, a division of Arc Media Global.

Recent technological advances in high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission have led many to see it as a crucial element in an efficient, smart power system of the future; today,a long distance 800 kV HVDC line loses just 3.5 per cent per 1000km, and is able to transmit many gigawatts of power.

Past sponsors and attendees of the Center for Energy Sustainability and Economics global HVDC conference series span the biggest names in HVDC, smart grids and long-distance transmission, circuit breaker and technologies, including Siemens, ABB, Sterlite, Acciona Energy, Sempra Energy, Hifaely Hipotronics, CESI Italy, IENova, and China State Grid / CEPRI.

China is by far the biggest HVDC investor, helped by its simple planning and open policy structure. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) will push for approval of a massive $250 billion upgrade plan that will link regional grids via 20 HVDC power corridors by 2020. Led by China's dominant transmission companies, the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) and China Southern Power Grid Company will connect China's energy resources to its demand centers along its coastal rim--with a capacity expected to grow to 1500 GW by 2020 from 1060 GW at the end of 2013. 

Major topics that will be discussed at the conference include:

- HVDC offshore wind developments

- Europe-Asia interconnection projects

- New technologies, including HVDC testing, UHVDC, transmission network efficiency

- Technical issues on Belt and Road HVDC roll-out

- Models for execution of HVDC equipment sales


This conference is designed for anyone within the transmission industry interested in HVDC Belt and Road projects with the following job titles:

- Transmission and Distribution system operators

- Electricity Sector Utilities

- Transmission cable suppliers

- Power transmission component suppliers

- CEOs

- COOs

- CIOs

- Business development managers

- Marketing managers

- Technologists

- Suppliers

- Investors

- Banks

- Government agencies

- Contractors


"Cashing in on the China Belt and Road Initiative where the business volume is thick brings a solid strategy to diversify global sales for transmission companies," says Mr Rex Sayson, Director, Programs, Center for Energy Sustainability and Economics. 

"At the first week of the launch of the program, we are pleased to have received a very strong pipeline of interested technology providers interested in China's very lively HVDC market," Mr Sayson adds.

Unlike its counterparts overseas, China's objective is to build connections between regions, in line with national macro energy planning. In the US of Europe, there's no similar body linking local national or state grids. 

For Chinese provinces with surplus power, returns are higher if the electricity can be exported to areas of tighter supply. Connecting north-to-south lines and west-to-east at an HVDC project cost of $1.05 million per mile would mean $40 billion worth of business by 2020.

To be able to enjoy this big business, technology providers will work with local companies on the basis of technology transfer. HVDC projects are being built with an increasingly higher proportion of domestic manufacturing content, experts say.

To attend, exhibit or sponsor, please contact the HVDC Belt and Road 2019 China Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +1 310 622 9159 / +65 6602 8264. You may also register online at www.amgfirst.com/hvdcchina2019.

Early bird discounts of special rate of US$1050 per person to attend ends on November 13, 2018. Usual delegate price ticket is US$3950 per person.



Media Contact:

Frank Mercado

Director of Research and Communications

Center for Energy Sustainability and Economics

T: +1 310 622 9159 / +65 6602 8264

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

W: www.amgfirst.com


About HVDC Belt and Road 2019

HVDC Belt and Road 2019

Moving Power Across the Eurasian Continent

Conference - May 22, 2019 | Site Tour - May 23, 2019

Shanghai, China



Who Should Attend?

- Anyone within the transmission industry interested in HVDC Belt and Road projects

- Transmission and Distribution system operators

- Electricity Sector Utilities

- Transmission cable suppliers

- Power transmission component suppliers

- CEOs

- COOs

- CIOs

- Business development managers

- Marketing managers

- Technologists

- Suppliers

- Investors

- Banks

- Government agencies

- Contractors


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How to Manage RIghts of Way for Transmission Developers | Register for HVDC Energy Highways 2018 Mexico before it goes back to USD 3950!

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Managing Rights of Way for Transmission Developers 


“There’s a clear need for transmission infrastructure” in Mexico, and that the country is “fertile ground for these opportunities,” says transmission developers.



Effectively managing issues regarding land rights is a critical component to seizing these opportunities.


We are pleased to welcome Ms Cynthia Renée Bouchot Preciat, CEO of Energía CB--who will guide us through issues of rights of way in Mexico.





Early bird of US$1050 ends on Fri, 28 Sep 2018 - usual price is USD 3950!


The 2nd HVDC Energy Highways, held on October 24, 2018 in Mexico City, connects you with clean energy companies, transmission networks and HVDC projects in Mexico.

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SENER's Director General, Generation & Transmission to open the HVDC 2018 Mexico Conference



SENER recently welcomed 109 companies that confirmed interest in transmission projects.


Mexico is too big of a market to ignore.


SENER says the country’s generating capacity has doubled to more than 73 GW since 2000, and load growth and the retirement of aging, inefficient plants will require another estimated 50 GW of generation over the next 15 years.


Mexico hopes to add $10 billion worth of transmission infrastructure in the coming years, including the two competitive projects. 


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We welcome José Arosa, CEO, AES México to join developers panel


José es director general de AES México, la cual tiene tres centrales eléctricas con una capacidad instalada total de 1,055 MW en el país. AES México también tiene una empresa conjunta 50/50 con el conglomerado mexicano Grupo BAL para invertir en proyectos de energía e infraestructura.


CFE-Yautepec Technical Requirements


The $1.2bn CFE-Yautepec Project--located in the States of Mexico, Morelos, Oaxaca and Veracruz--comprises the development of the following:

a. A two-pole direct current transmission line with a voltage of ± 500 kV and a length of 610.5 km.

b. 5 transmission lines in alternating current, with voltage of 400 kV and lengths of 25.3 km, 0.3 km, 131.3 km, 0.0 km and 138.7 km.

c. 7 electrical substations of various technical specifications.


d. 2 converter stations of 3,600 MW and ± 500 kV.


SENER-BC Technical Requirements


The SENER-BC Project--running from the Cucapah Electric Substation in Mexicali, Baja California to the Seri Electric Substation in Hermosillo, Sonora--comprises the development of the following:

a. A point-to-point, direct current transmission line operating in a bipolar form with a capacity of 1,500 MW, at a voltage level of ± 500 kV and with a length of 700 km.

b. Two converter stations with HVDC VSC technology of 1,500 MW, with a direct current transmission voltage of 500 kV, primary AC voltage level of 400 kV and secondary voltage according to the manufacturer’s design.


"China's HVDC technology is available to the world," says China State Grid Director, Jim Cai.


China has become the world’s largest HVDC investor and plans to invest $250 billion on aggressively deploying HVDC lines to bridge the development gap between the nation’s power-producing western provinces and the population-dense east. From calculated domestic investment, Beijing now has the capability to export HVDC technology abroad through the Belt and Road.


Latest Tenders


Build relationships with Mexico, Brazil, China, Colombia, Spain, the United States and India here. 


New Generation


Develop significant new generation potential in Mexico from clean energy through HVDC.


HVDC Transmission


Take into account the needed interconnections to connect clean energy to the electricity system


Ensuring Transmission Highway for Mexico’s 7GW Renewable Energy Project Pipeline


Miguel Ángel arrived in Mexico as Technical Director at Acciona Energy and became Country Director in 2008. After 10 years of continuous growth, Acciona Energy now has 1000MW renewable capacity in operation out of 1488MW installed.

Read More

Renewable Energy Developers' Panel: Perspectives from Zuma Energía


Adrián is currently responsible for building a portfolio of more than 500 MW of renewable assets in Mexico. He has implemented 900 MW of wind projects, and was responsible for the financing of 35 energy projects with Banco Santander in Madrid.

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Efficient HVDC power lines eliminate the drawbacks of moving power across these long distances.


For large grids, HVDC lines provide an undeniable boon: electricity surpluses in one area can provide power to a nation’s farthest flung regions, reducing blackouts. HVDC can also balance out the intermittency of renewable energy. Wind and solar power are typically generated far from urban and industrial centers—by offshore wind farms anchored in turbulent seas or solar panels arrayed in isolated deserts.

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SENER and CFE on two (2) bidding procedures for transmission


The first call corresponds to the Award of the Management and Operation Agreement for the Electric Transmission Infrastructure for the interconnection between the Baja California Electric System and the National Interconnected System.


The second call corresponds to Project: 303 TL in Direct Current Ixtepec Capacity-Yautepec Capacity (Proyecto: 303 LT en Corriente Directa Ixtepec Potencia-Yautepec Potencia).



Meet Ing. César F. Fuentes Estrada Projects & Construction Subdirector from CFE. 


Smith: Mexico’s load growth, broad support for renewable energy and “mature and competent” planning processes as reasons to get involved in the market



Chairing the 2018 HVDC conference, Bob Smith has enjoyed a long career in transmission planning and development, much of it in the American West where he said federal lands can create “unique problems” for building electric infrastructure.




As vice president of transmission, planning and development for TransCanyon, Smith is responsible for conceptualizing and planning transmission projects for the joint venture between Berkshire Hathaway Energy and Pinnacle West Capital.



BHE is Warren Buffett’s energy holding company that includes PacifiCorp and NV Energy. Pinnacle West’s assets include Arizona Public Service. Together, they offer $90 billion worth of “leverage” to TransCanyon.

Read More


Matching Network Tariffs Paid by Transmission Users with the Total Economic Value of Underlying Facilities


Montserrat was appointed Commissioner by the Senate for a period of five years 2014-2019. She has a Master's in Economics from University College London, and previously served as Director of Energy at the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO).


Cross-Border Interconnections and Power Trading with North and Central America, or National Grid Integration for Mexico?


Bill who has over 30 years of leadership in senior management roles at Southern California Edison, Cal- ISO, ERCOT and Hunt. He is now responsible for evaluating new technologies for over $3 billion in transmission projects for Hunt throughout North America, will shed light into the topic of cross-border interconnections.

Read More

Shaping the Backbone of Future Energy Systems with HVDC


HVDC 2018 is honored to have Dr. Mohammed Safiuddin as our key technical expert presenter for the 2018 conference.


He is currently Research Professor Emeritus in the Electrical Engineering Department of University at Buffalo (SUNY), and has been awarded 10 patents in static power conversion and optimal control systems.

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Mexico's national electricity infrastructure will add eight new projects at $3.5 billion


One of the works is the subsea HVDC line that will connect the isolated system of Baja California Sur to the national interconnected system (SIN). It is estimated that the project will start operating in 2021.


Join the VIP Dinner


Business meals are worth a dozen meetings. Get work done, launch a relationship or cement a deal. 

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Expert Translators


A great feature of the conference is real-time translation. Understand your clients' ‘why’ organically.

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Build Expertise


Ask the right questions and finding somebody who can answer them specific to HVDC at the conference. 

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Contractual aspects of the SENER-BC Project


The SENER-BC Project is structured as a DFBOT (design, finance, build, operate and transfer) project.

The basis of this structure is executing an electric energy transmission management agreement (the SENER Agreement) between SENER and the winner of the tender, which may be incorporated as a special purpose vehicle (SPV) and act as the contractor under the SENER Agreement.

Due to the characteristics of this structure and in accordance with the provisions of the SENER Agreement, the SPV is jointly and severally liable with SENER to carry out the provision of the public electric energy transmission utility before the CRE and CENACE.

This project design is similar to that of the Independent Power Producers implemented by CFE under the former Electricity Utility Law, in which private entities produce electric energy for exclusive sale to CFE in exchange for consideration.

The winner of the tender is required to establish an irrevocable investment, management and source of payment trust with SENER and the SPV as trustors and trustees. The trust will receive and manage the assets of the SENER-BC Project, as well as the economic resources derived from the SENER Agreement, to serve as a means of repayment of the financing.


Construction, Modernization, Operation AND Maintenance of the Line of Transmission of Direct Current Yautepec-Ixtepec in the States of Mexico Morelos, Oaxaca, Puebla, Veracruz, and City of Mexico



The CFE-Yautepec Project is structured as a BOT (build, operate and transfer) project.


In this structure, the contractor will not be directly responsible for the provision of the electric energy transmission public utility, as the contractor is only a provider of services related to this activity. CFE will continue to be responsible for the provision of this public utility and will be the entity that receives payment from CENACE of regulated transmission fees.


This structure also contemplates the incorporation of a transmission system trust in which the contractor that is awarded in the bidding procedure (the CFE Agreement)27 and CFE will participate, as trustor and trustee respectively (the CFE Trust), which will receive and manage the assets of the CFE-Yautepec Project, as well as the economic resources derived from the Agreement for the Provision of Services regarding the Transmission Public Utility (Contrato de Prestación de Servicios Relativos a la Prestación del Servicio Público de Transmisión, or the CFE Agreement) to be executed by CFE.

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There is no better conference to nurture your important contacts and connections. The intimacy of the conference allows for personal re-connection that can naturally flow into your business.
Attend the 2nd annual HVDC Energy Highways, October 24, 2018, Mexico City, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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