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By 2015, China had already penciled in the construction of 50 HVDC lines at a total distance of 30,000 kilometers.

Technical updates from SGCC include:

  • On the basis of ±500 kV DC transmission technology, the HVDC transmission voltage level has been upgraded to the UHV level in SGCC, allowing for the advantages of DC transmission with respect to long distance and high capacity. 
  • The successful practices of the Xiangjiaba– Shanghai, Jinping–Sunan, Hami–Zhengzhou, and Xiluodu– Zhejiang projects prove the reliability and performance of ±800 kV UHVDC, and greatly push the progress of power transmission and equipment manufacturing technology. 
  • These practices also have laid a solid foundation for the development of higher DC voltage and larger capacity transmission technology.
  • China’s demand for energy increases continually. The newly developed energy bases are shifting towards the western and northern regions. UHVDC technology makes it possible to intensively develop various energies in remote areas and transmit to developed area efficiently. 
  • UHVDC will play an increasingly important role in restructuring the energy supply system and optimizing the allocation of energy resources. 
  • It is expected that more than 20 UHVDC lines will be built by 2020 and the relevant technologies will improve continuously in large-scale practical applications.


The Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) is a proposed $50 trillion global power grid. It hopes to not only generate solar energy for participating countries, but at the same time, strengthen international relations.

The project consists of 3 phases - 

Phase One: Require individual countries to improve their power grid

Phase Two: Require the connection of individual grids into regional grids

Phase Three: Entail the development of an undersea grid connecting regional grids



The Zhangbei high-voltage direct current (HVDC) grid in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area of China will enable the integration of remote wind, solar and hydro energy in a transmission ring that ensures optimization of power flow. ABB first introduced the VSC-HVDC technology in 1997 and called it HVDC Light. It brings:

  • The world's largest and most advanced Voltage Sourced Converter (VSC) HVDC system
  • 4 interconnected HVDC stations in a ring network of 648 km
  • Optimization and balancing power flow and reinforcing AC-grid

Event Name: 3rd International Conference HVDC 2020 Shanghai Conference and Exhibition

Description: The largest HVDC conference and exhibition in Shanghai

Date: July 29-30, 2020

Venue: Shanghai, China

Website: www.hvdc-conference.com

You will meet the following stakeholders eager to share and discover new technological, financial, and legal innovations for investing in transmission infrastructure for the world’s fastest-growing electricity markets:

  • Transmission System Operators (TSOs)
  • HVDC Equipment Manufacturers
  • High Voltage Cable Manufacturers
  • High Voltage Insulator Manufacturers
  • High Voltage Components Testing Providers
  • High Voltage Bushing Manufacturers

Attendees have the following job titles:

  • HVDC Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Chief Engineer of Converter Stations
  • Power Systems Analysis Engineer
  • Head of Power Electronics
  • CEO / COO / CIO
  • International Mergers & Acquisitions 
  • Innovation Manager
  • VP Sales
  • Sales Engineer

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