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1) hashtag#Electricity = energy: wrong! - Electricity is only 20% of total energy consumed
2) hashtag#Renewables dominate electricity production: False. Coal is n. 1 electricity source by far, with 38% of total (all renewables together are just above 25%)
3) hashtag#Coal consumption is declining: false – coal use is actually still rising although much slower than in the past
4) hashtag#Oil = cars: False - -hashtag#aviation, petrochemicals, trucks etc are key drivers of oil demand
5) We have reached the oil peak: not yet. Oil demand is still growing (and with a robust annual average above 1 mb/d)
6) hashtag#Power is n.1 driver of gas demand growth: false - industry is the sector with gas growing fastest
7) hashtag#Wind and hashtag#solar = renewables: false - bioenergy alone is 50% of the total
8) We are moving out from hashtag#fossil fuels: wrong! - They account for 80% of total, exactly as 30 years ago, while overall consumption increased by 3/4.
9) Is Power system decarbonising? No – electricity from fossil fuels at 63% is exactly like 20 years ago (and in meantime electricity production has almost doubled!)
10) hashtag#Emissions have finally peaked: Not true, in 2018 emissions reached the historic high
Source: Blasi, Alessandro (2019). Special Advisor to the IEA Executive Director, International Energy Agency

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