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Guizhou – Guangdong, China converter station is top 10 largest HVDC line in the world. 

The DC Transmission Project (the long-distance transmission system of the Guizhou-Guangdong II line ± 500 kV) transmits 3,000 MW power from the Xingren substation in the Guizhou Province of Southwest China to the load center of Shenzhen in the Guangdong Province.

The system has a long-term overload capability of up to 115 %. Power transmission in the reverse direction is also possible. The project is carried out in cooperation with Chinese partners supported by Siemens. The bipolar system is designed for a ceiling suspended 12-pulse converter bridge arrangement with single-phase two-winding converter transformers and oil-insulated smoothing reactors.

The 500 kV DC converter groups of modular design are equipped with direct light-triggered thyristors with water cooling. Most of the DC equipment is provided with composite housings improving the performance of operation under severe environmental conditions.

For harmonic filtering triple tuned AC and DC filters are used. The design considers the installation at 1450 m above sea level (Xingren converter station). The interconnection of the neutrals of both stations is implemented by means of ground electrodes. The contract was awarded in May 2005.

After successful completion of the test phase, Siemens Energy commissioned the “Guizhou-Guangdong II” high voltage DC transmission link (HVDC) on schedule at the beginning of January 2008.

source: Siemens


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