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HVDC facilitates the movement of electric power from resource-rich areas to faraway demand centers. This is an existential boon for intermittent power generation resources, such as wind and solar, since HVDC can average out and smooth the outputs of large numbers of geographically dispersed wind farms and solar farms.

In fact, studies have shown that an HVDC-based wide area super grid covering the fringes of Europe can bring 100% renewable power to the continent at close to today’s prices.

But in the age of Trade Wars, it has become more and more critical to tap both public and private financing to cover the costs of building and operating HVDC energy highways, including China’s $250 billion upgrade plan to link regional grids via 20 HVDC power corridors by 2020.

The power sector now attracts more investment than oil and gas combined, and this opportunity to define the future of energy will certainly make the difference between which power companies and electrical equipment providers grow into new markets and which ones are gobbled up in mergers and acquisitions.

Having the world’s largest electricity market nearly double the size of the United States’ at 6.3 million GWh per year, the economy driving much of the growth in the power sector will be China’s. 

Motor systems used in Chinese industry alone will account for almost a fifth of the increase in global electricity demand to 2040, and home air conditioners in developing economies like China are increasing to 2.5 billion units, up from 600 million today.

Wouldn't you benefit from strong relationships with the dominant transmission system operators of the world’s largest and fastest-growing electricity markets — minus political noise?

When you attend the 3rd Annual HVDC Energy Highways Conference, you not only gain new connections for partnership with the transmission system operators from around the world who are investing in HVDC technology but also with public and private sources of financing looking to support infrastructure development in the world’s fastest-growing economies.

Registration is EASY! Simply complete your delegates' details on the Registration Form, include your card details, and send it back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Group discounts are available for teams of 3 and 5.


"Well-organized conference!"

- Jim Cai, Director, State Grid NA


"High-value content for HVDC!"

- Jesús Martos, Director, Siemens

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