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Re: Getting HVDC projects to ‘break ground’ in Mexico before the year ends

What you do for business development on HVDC is essential at the company.

You know it. Your colleagues know it. But I bet they only get excited about what you do when the contract is in and the projects are online.

With much certainty, Mexico wants to reduce its network losses by 8 per cent through HVDC, savings from which can then be passed on to the people. Through an efficient long-distance electricity transmission highways, the project will enable to export power from South-eastern Mexico (large renewable resources but lack of transmission infrastructures) and to improve power supply in central Mexico where electricity consumption is highest.

Yet here’s the truth about new HVDC infrastructure projects, especially in Mexico:

  1. Delays are inevitable.
  2. Funding outlay is humongous.
  3. Negotiations are endless.

The Center for Energy Sustainability and Economics has been in close consultation with CFE, the Office of President and of course - technology providers and component parts suppliers like you - to design a valuable conference specifically for HVDC and getting these challenges sorted before the end of the year.

The 2017 CESE Building and Operating HVDC Energy Highways Executive Conference will take place October 19–20, 2017 at the NH Collection Mexico City Reforma* in Mexico City, Mexico.

HVDC Energy Highways is the premier event for electric utility professionals and contracting, construction, and consulting companies who are interested in senior executive-level insight and solutions for the engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of High Voltage Direct Current power transmission systems.

The program features a packed two days of senior executive engagement, deal-making opportunities, hands-on technology demonstrations, and a half-day master class on emerging HVDC technologies to help Mexico bring new power generation on-stream to service its growing economy.

The conference will also include presentations by recognized worldwide experts, executive case studies, and interactive discussion session along with an exclusive industrial exposition. The conference will focus on the latest state-of-the-art HVDC technology and lessons learned for building and operating HVDC energy highways successfully in Mexico and the region.

“Technical confusion causes delays in projects,” says one delegate at this conference.

That’s why the 2017 HVDC Energy Highways Agenda is packed with technical gems that can make the task easier. After all, you want to be feel confident on the economic value when you are committing USD 500,000 per kilometer in HVDC set-up costs.

Because the goal of the conference is highly focused - we are limiting attendance to decision-makers and serious technical experts ONLY who can help make the HVDC dream a reality.

“We are coming in big, because we’d like to convey to the Mexican government that we are serious partners. We can fund, build, operate and maintain HVDC projects - a one-stop shop - and we have a successful track record to back this up,” says one sponsor at the 2017 HVDC Energy Highways conference.

Being more discriminating with supplier choices at the get-go will lessen negotiation hiccups. CFE and other State Grid Operators in the Americas are convinced of the benefits of HVDC technology - the network losses from the current set-up are astounding - so track record and solid experience are business-critical success factors. “We need to bring power to the people cost-effectively,” says one regulator.

“Technical expertise in HVDC and a strong smart grid that can be made to be easily understood are critical components in Mexican Energy Reform.”


-1- Finalize any ongoing HVDC contract discussions in advance of Mexico's Presidential Primaries in early 2018

-2- Stop any more negotiation delays and get your technology prioritized

-3- Understand more fully what it takes for your HVDC build-and-operate projects in Mexico to be successful


Let's talk about your most effective front-door strategy. Whether it’s a dedicated dinner or lunch with decision makers or an effective thought leadership presentation to win the next multi-million dollar contract, the minimum package starts at only USD 5,500. We have a full team to help you customize - Gala Dinner, lanyards, translators, the whole nine yards.

3 quick easy ways to jumpstart your HVDC business in Mexico To confirm your participation:

  1. visit www.amgfirst.com/hvdc
  2. email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
  3. call +1 917 512 2878.

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