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  • ASEAN Inc’s Chiefs prove the case for mindful leadership at HR Talk Show 2018
  • ASEAN Inc’s Chiefs prove the case for mindful leadership at HR Talk Show 2018
  • ASEAN Inc’s Chiefs prove the case for mindful leadership at HR Talk Show 2018
  • ASEAN Inc’s Chiefs prove the case for mindful leadership at HR Talk Show 2018
  • ASEAN Inc’s Chiefs prove the case for mindful leadership at HR Talk Show 2018

ASEAN Inc’s Chiefs prove the case for mindful leadership at HR Talk Show 2018

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Over 40 CXOs and 500 top HR leaders in ASEAN distill insights into the power of mindfulness to achieve high dividend yields and employee well-being in today’s tumultuous age of speed.

12 June 2018 (KUALA LUMPUR). ASEAN’s only Talk Show serving the Human Capital Management community welcomes over 40 change leaders at the HR Talk Show 2018 on September 5, 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia—leading over 500 HR leaders to slow down, pay attention, and focus on meaningful leadership decisions to achieve resilience, agility and competitiveness in the context of ASEAN.

Based on how mindfully the region executes, ASEAN—a group of 10 economies in Southeast Asia and the most important trade bloc outside NATO—will either gain or lose up to $627 billion with the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a confluence of disruptive digital technologies and accelerated speed of change. The Chief Human Capital Officer of Malaysia’s most valuable bank, Maybank, Nora Manaf will deliver a keynote that examines the future of ASEAN corporations: ‘What is the new frontier for HR? How do we drive value for the organization in today’s competitive world?’ Use cases from other financial institutions will also be shared by speakers with experience from AIA, Standard Chartered and Manulife.

The International Labour Organization estimates that 56% of jobs in five ASEAN countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Thailand and the Philippines) are at high risk because of its lack in skills that can compete in today’s landscape, characterized by an astonishing rise in data volume, computing power, and connectivity; the emergence of advanced data analytics and business-intelligence capabilities; new forms of human-machine interaction; and improvements in how digital outcomes are transferred to the physical world, e.g., advanced robotics and 3-D printing. High-value chemicals company Venator Materials, fast-growth Indonesian start-up Go-Jek, and Malaysia’s largest pharmaceutical company, Pharmaniaga will expound how they have sustained attention on what matters and diminished distractibility from what doesn’t.

Infineon Technologies, a semiconductor company with a large presence in ASEAN countries, plans to invest more than $84 million in a smart factory in Singapore to test these technologies. The company expects to cut cycle times in half, increase productivity by 10 percent, and save $1 million a year in energy costs through the initiative. Infineon HR Director, Arulkumar Singaraveloo will lead a panel that brings awareness into existential factors like trust, accountability, social good, and collaboration in the age of robotics.

Ironically, to win in the age of digital speed, leaders must first slow down. Leadership mindfulness is about ‘Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.’ Large companies, such as Google, Aetna and General Mills, have already been reaping rewards from implementing large-scale mindfulness programs, and ASEAN Inc’s most resilient companies have been making time to build higher level of consciousness for meaningful decision making.

Leadership is the heart of business. How can we ensure our workforces move up the value chain in unison? Technology is required, but it is not enough. Leadership is what it will take on our part as managers and business proprietors. ASEAN’s Fortune 200 powerhouse, Petronas has relied on higher level of consciousness to transform with agility in the new reality. Petronas Leadership Centre CEO, Nor Hazleen Madros and Group Head of Compensation and Benefits, Akmal Niza Ahmad will provide a mindful review of this year. Philippine’s largest distributor of electricity power, Meralco, Swizterland’s top 30 company, DKSH and pharmaceutical device company B Braun also share leadership perspectives for increasing productivity, reducing stress levels and raising quality in decision making.

On the right hand of strong leadership are dividend yields, on its left hand is employee well-being. Powerbrands Nestlé and Coca Cola will inspire delegates with on-the-ground perspectives on optimizing your sales teams, implementing L&D, and motivating the millennial workforce. Change leader and BAT Malaysia Managing Director Erik Stoel will deliver HR Talk Show 2018’s CEO keynote. Erik is one rare leader who possesses strong intentionality when it comes to taking care of human capital.

Excellent leadership creates both financial growth for the shareholders and resiliency through trying times for the engaged employees. Industry veteran, Wilson Fyffe will be chairing the HR Talk Show 2018. Wilson recommended strategy change in response to the 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis, which resulted in a 40% improvement of actual results over plan for 1998. As CEO of KPMG Indonesia, he assisted at senior level with the reconstruction of the Indonesian banking industry. EY, PwC and 40 top organizations will also be sharing unique take on mindfulness.

“As we enter yet another cycle in the capitalist process of creative destruction, it is imperative to speak with the business leaders who have shown this leadership, and proven it both in their revenue performance and in their victories in the war for talent,” says Mr Rex Sayson, Program Curator, HR Talk Show 2018.

“It is our hope that this top-notch practice leaders will bring our leaders authentic, practice-proven collective wisdom and wealth of courage to pave the way for ASEAN Inc’s future leap forward.”

This conference is designed for these job titles:

  • CEOs
  • CHROs, SVP-HR, HR Director
  • HR Managers
  • Head of Compensation and Benefits
  • Head of Learning and Development
  • Head, Workplace Futurization

This conference is designed for these industries:

  • Automotive
  • Oil & Energy
  • Electronics
  • Life Sciences
  • Financial
  • High-Tech
  • Skills Development

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Join the conference and masterclass and be able to thrive in the Industrial 4.0 Economy, helping you in:

1 Workplace Futurization: Pioneer a new era with mindfulness for your company’s subsequent leap forward

2 Fourth Industrial Revolution: Advance, upskill, and prepare teams to shape your organization’s future

3 Value Transformation: Set systems of clarity and transform with purpose as a foundation of long-term value

4 Center of Excellence: Innovate, re-invent, and manage complexities with discipline and prepare your team for new requirements

Event Title: HR Talk Show 2018

Theme: Creating a Superior Talent Pipeline and Meeting Evolving Work Skills in the Digital 4.0 Era
Conference: September 5, 2018 | Masterclass: September 6, 2018
Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Website: www.amgfirst.com/hrtalkshow2018
To bring a team of 10, email mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and quote the group promo code 'HRTS18PR1' in the subject line.

Top benefits of attending

  • Special roundtable sessions with Industrial 4.0 specialists
  • Dedicated plenaries from strategic implementers of HR tech upgrades
  • Technology showcase and exhibitions from over 12 countries participating this year
3 Easy Ways to Register: 1) Online at www.amgfirst.com/hrts18 2) Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 3) Call (Americas) +1 (310) 622-9159 or (Asia/Europe) +65 6602 8264

The HR Talk Show series is a high-impact interactive platform bridging the gap between government and business initiatives to drive human capital best practices and actionable insights into talent, technology and strategic HR. In a unique talk show format, CEOs, HR Directors, CIOs/CTOs and their CFOs from ASEAN's most admired companies will be working with 400 participants to interactively walk through the most current human capital challenges in a fast-growing economy.

HR Talk Show is a business-to-business platform to help you promote, sell, and engage corporate decision-makers to see your company and your product as partners to help them:
• Drive improved talent productivity and leadership succession
• Cast off accident-prone legacy strategies for talent management
• Secure proper methodologies to evaluate and implement HR technology and services
• Resume their strategic roles with a greater clarity of thought and vision

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