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Cash in on China's Belt and Road Initiatives opening $360 billion for transmission infrastructure

A Practical Platform to Help You Drive Growth in Your Transmission Business
The initiative has brought new opportunities in overseas projects for global Chinese EPC companies. Chinese companies signed about 4,000 overseas EPC contracts in 60 countries and regions along the route of the initiative in 2015, while the total contract value reached $93 billion, according to data from China's Ministry of Commerce. Countries such as Turkey, Russia, Pakistan and India as well as countries in the Middle East and Africa all have demand in their markets to improve their power and infrastructure sectors, which is attractive to these companies. Attend the HVDC Belt and Road 2019 and develop engineering, procurement and construction projects along the Belt and Road Initiative, to further diversify your global sales.
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China Offshore HVDC
Power China Huadong Engineering Corporation is planning a 1.1GW project that will include the country's first high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system for offshore wind.
Changji-Guquan Longest HVDC Link
Commissioning of what will be the world’s largest and longest HVDC link is scheduled for 2018.
HVDC 立即註冊
±1100千伏的昌吉 - 古泉輸電線路將在電壓水平,輸電容量和距離方面創造世界紀錄。該鏈路預計將在2018年內完成,安裝容量為12,000兆瓦。
HVDC 2019 申請展位
中國一直致力於創造其海上風電能力,併計劃在2020年之前投入5GW - 最終單獨投入到1.2 GW。


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